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Flight of the Albatross. Fear to freedom


This is one-of-a-kind channeled book where I share the wisdom I received from a team of 31 Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters who introduced themselves to me as the A-Team of 31 - One Voice. 


These Guides explained that their Divine Mission on the Earth is to assist and support the evolution of all of humanity at this time. 


The Flight of The Albatross - Fear to Freedom is a 6 month transformational, magical and mystical journey that has the potential to lift the reader out from the limitations of fear into the joy and wilderness of freedom.


There is a series of 13 Initiations - that when spoken aloud from an open heart - trigger the onset of accelerated rebirth, sustained spiritual growth and transitional creative awakenings as well as total integration and ultimate alignment of the mind, body, soul and etheric bodies. 


The messages in this blessed book are simple: You, the reader, have the opportunity to move from the confinement of fear to the solace of freedom.This book is a sacred and powerful invitation from the loving heart of the Devin Creator to you. Are you ready? 

                                                         Book Reviews & Comments

  • ‘Got your amazing book today Sinead, thanks so much. I'm halfway through it already and know I'm being called home. So much of what you write iv already known or experienced but in a disjointed way, you have brought it all together beautifully for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Colleen ⚘⚘’



  • This is one of the best spiritual books I have ever read. The moment I received it, just holding it in my hands, I felt at peace and comforted by the energy of the book. Reading the book, during this uncertain time in my life, makes me feel safe and supported. It really helps me connect with the universe and I feel like every word in this book was written for me. This is book I'll be reading again and again. Thank you Sinead! Tina'


  • 'Hi Sinead, I know I said I was a slow reader but I started reading this morning and haven’t been able to stop! I have just finished it!!

         I can honestly say it is the best book I have ever read- it resonated with me in so many ways. My plan is to read it again and put it into action .
        The timing of it for me was good so thank you so much. Also was great to meet you - if you plan any workshops /discussions about

         your experience I would be very interested. Love and joy, Maureen'

  • 'Sinead's book is absolutely inspirational. Every page resonated so deeply with me. A must read!

         Thanks Sinead xx'

  • ‘Sinead there are so many parallels in what you have said here and how I was and am feeling. Also the same time scale on when I stopped and   went to France.

        This is not a book it is a living and breathing vessel of wonderous gifts. Caroline' ️

  • ‘I just read the intro last night, it was late when I got settled, I thumbed and stopped at page 216, as I finished the last name I got this familiar yet a bit stronger shiver up my spine which ends with my neck having to move, I really trust this feeling, I call it a connect moment, it feels like a knowing, even that a spirit has walked through me or into me feeling, probably not explaining correctly, it’s like I’m in the presence of God. Thank you for sharing Edward Mc Garrigle’


  • ‘For me Flight of the Albatross Fear to Freedom has spoken to me in such a heartfelt way, giving support to fully express and experience,   gratitude for all that I have received and experienced in my life.

       Through Divine Source I am now surrendering and connecting with the calling of my "Wild Child", it is happening to its own perfect timing and I             am receiving synchronisties to support this. I embrace the calling of my wild child as it feels I have been waiting a lifetime for her. Freedom,                   Love and Joy'

  • 'I have used the words ‘Wild Child’ as channeled by Sinead through A team of 31 One voice, together with Sineads personal imput, it has resulted in a truly blessed book. Namaste. Caroline’

  • Hi Sinead, I just finished your book this morning thank you and thank you to the A Team of 31 a wonderful book that I was guided to read the initiations are powerful and resonate to my core yes I've learned to navigate turbulent waters and feel Im On the cusp of freedom I've come full circle the journey back to me.This book isn't one that I will read and put away. I will ask Divine will where will you have me go today? and do what brings me joy. What will Divine will have me do today? the answer is already clear I experienced shedding of emotions throughout  reading of the book.What would Divine will have me say today? and also according to  Divine will who will I meet today? So do what instills me with joy and offer joy to all. "Divine Love will show me the way" THANK YOU Sinead from my heart to yours Denise'


  • ‘Hi Sinead, I hope you’re keeping well I just love reading your posts every day they’re so full of positivity 

       I finished your book at the weekend... how it resonates with what’s happening in the world is amazing!! I found it so reassuring and comforting I           loved it!! 🦋’Carolyn' 

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