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Gifted Young Healers
Love Programme
7- 11 years approx

Sunday 30th January 2022

11am - 4pm

Lakeshore Wellness Centre, Blessington, Co.Wicklow

It has long been prophesied that a unique generation of psychic and gifted children would be born to heal and change the world.

This workshop has been channeled and created especially with children in mind. All children are born naturally connected to their I AM presence- The God within! However as a child gets older 7+ (and sometimes younger) they close down or detach from this beautiful connection depending on environmental, social and family norms! Children can feel somewhat uncomfortable with their natural psychic gifts and talents if the presence of such gifts are not encouraged nurtured and properly respected without fear from those witnessing and looking on.

This workshop will help your child feel more comfortable in exploring their gifts and feel proud of who they are, what they are and the important role they have in society. I will teach your child how to look within for their own answers and to trust their feelings, emotions and inner wisdom! Allowing your child to explore their spiritual gifts will greatly assist them in their decision making and career choices in the years ahead.

“Children Must be reminded that they can always choose love over fear” 




GYP Prayer

Butterfly Wings 10 min Meditation

Introducing The Chakras & Colours

GYP Children's Sacred Attunement

The power of Clear Quartz Crystal

Learning The Healing Hand positions

Healing for people, animals & plants (All living Things)

The Importance Of Gratitude

Connecting with Archangels - Michael (Courage) Metatron (gifted children) Gabriel (expression) Raphael (healing)

Nature Walk in silence to introduce the concept of presence



An Illustrated and Colourful Children's Manual

Children's Attunement- a sacred space where the child gives himself/herself permission to reconnect with the light within

A Gifted Young People Certificate

A Clear Quartz Crystal (7 colours of the rainbow)



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