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Healing With Jeshua/Jesus

Healing is a sacred covenant created between you and

the Divine Creator (God).

I am but a humble channel for this Sacred Divine healing to flow.

'Where two or three are gathered,

I am there in the midst of them'


Duration 40mins

In person * Online * Remotely

I work on a donation basis

If you feel you'd like to make a donation to support my work you can do so with the Love Offering button

'I had the most beautiful and sacred experience yesterday before and during a distant healing session with a client. I've had many really beautiful experiences but this one was really special. We both agreed to share this experience in the hope it may give reassurance and comfort to others.... 
As I was preparing for the session, I heard the words 'Where two or three are gathered in my name I am there in their midst' ....I knew in my heart that Jesus was present and with that,  I felt my crown chakra tingle, heat up and gently open. I then felt the most intense, but soft and loving, golden light shower down upon me. My body gently vibrated and tingled all over. Also, my cat Simba jumped up on my lap (anybody who has read my book 'Flight of The Albatross, Fear To Freedom' will know of Simba. She was present on my lap each morning for 6 months until the book was finished). Cats are so very sensitive to energy and clear conduits. I knew in my heart that Simba had presented herself as a proxy for both of us, a talisman of sorts to help ground and balance the energy. Animals will often choose to do that for us.
I also knew in my heart that all 3 of us, myself, my client and Simba had created a circle of Divine healing light with Jesus at centre and all 3 of us were being bathed, nurtured and held within it.
Jesus was speaking to me/to you through my heart/your heart. It felt, in that moment, that all we ever needed was freely given to us. However, I also became aware that there are still old programmes of unworthiness that were preventing us for opening fully, trusting fully and receiving fully all that we could ever need. Old rusty and dusty societal conditionings of having to strive, stress, push and work hard for 'success' or to 'curb fear' These self sabotaging, limiting programmes are still running in the background of our everyday lives and no longer serves our higher purpose. Jesus was helping us, in that moment, dismantle the old programmes. 
When we make a choice to do this for ourselves, assistance is readily available when we ask...

I knew in my heart that if we open fully, trust like a child, gratefully and wholeheartedly receive and mute the 'pushing' and 'trying'.....the beauty of peace, contentment and flow begins.... 
That is when abundance of all things begins to flow freely and continuously to us because it is already here, already given.
When I spoke to my client afterwards,  she had the most beautiful and powerful experience too. She is currently following 'A Course in Miracles' (The wisdom of Jesus) for some time. So her close workings with Jesus was confirmed through her session...
In my heart I know that the intention and focus to grow, expand and evolve is extremely powerful. Where attention goes, energy flows. There are many many beautiful  beings of light that will assist you if you ask with your heart.
Ask Jesus to hold you in his wondrous, healing golden light each day so you can dismantle any old programming that is no longer needed. 
Ask and it is given...All we need do is RECEIVE........It is done ...........We are NEVER EVER  alone/

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