Beyond Lemuria
Soul Reading

Welcome to the realm of Lemuria, a magical place infused with an abundance of life-force energy, fertile lands, lush rainforests, crystalline waterfalls and beings who dance gracefully with the tides of nature and the ebb and flow of life.

There is no scarcity here, all that is required can be created at will. 

In essence, Lemuria is an elevated state of being. 

When you decide you wish to work with their energies you will find your way to their wisdom as well as activating your own inner knowingness and your own well of possibilities.

By choosing to work with Lemurian energy, there is a remembering and a realisation within you of who you truly are and what your higher potential may look and feel like.

The message of the Lemurians is that the shift starts from within yourself. As you move through your own traumas, triggers and power struggles you create space for light and life force.

When you can shift your beliefs and the stories that keep you small, you can move into your true purpose and freedom. When you follow your bliss and your heart of hearts and realise that every little thing you do makes a difference, you can change - individually, collectively and in the macro-micro scale beyond space and time. 

Lemurian energy goes right to the 'heart of the matter' during a reading and my guides will address the areas of your life that feels stagnant or in need of shifting or rebalancing.

Whatever is holding you back from growing, evolving and reaching your full potential is often the focus...

Are you ready?


If you are guided to avail of a 'Beyond Lemuria Intuitive Reading', you will see a reflection of yourself and feel a resonance of yourself within me.

Duration min - 1 hr approx

via Skype (Plus Recording) 

or via Email

Energy Exchange - £85 

(Payable on Booking)