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Mary Magdalene Silence & Sound Meditation Evenings

This gathering was requested by Mary Magdalene in order to bring a group together not only to receive abundance of all things for oneself but give love in all its forms to the planet at large.

Mary will call you through your inner knowing and intuitive responses will hear her call loud and clear. 


We will gather in the sacred space of North Star and we will use the combination of silence and sacred music to merge with the divinity of ourselves and help to raise the vibration of the planet.


The music we will use was channelled by Mary Magdalene and is tuned to 432Mz. Listening to music tuned to 432Mz will resonates inside your body,  it will release emotional blockages and will expand your consciousness. 432Mz will allow you to tune into the wisdom of the universe, Divine intelligence and your soul original DNA blueprint.



The cost of the 7 weeks is £77 


This can be paid in full or a deposit of £37 paid on booking and £40 balance on the first evening of Monday 2nd March is a commitment to yourself for the 7 weeks...

Please contact me directly if interested in booking a meditation evening

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