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I feel, the blissful hours between sleeping and waking is when the heart shares all of its most intimate secrets....

‘The essence of who you are reigns not what's on the outside but within the very confines of your heart (the inner child). Therein lies your treasure, your anctuary of self-love, purity, truth and self realisation.

All experiences on the outside are a direct reflection of the inner goings-on or uncomfortable emotional charges/triggers within you - the voice of your inner child

If your experience is fear, then fear is within you, FEEL, FEEL, FEEL it unconditionally (love your inner child experiencing the fear) and release. Release of this trapped energy/emotion happens naturally like a stream finding its way to the river.

All uncomfortable, challenging experiences on the outside are messengers of love. FEEL, FEEL, FEEL the discomfort, respond to yourself instead of projecting on to another and allow it to move to completion organically. This is the life cycle of trapped emotional energy when it is lovingly held and freely acknowledged.

Life is aways reflecting back to you what still needs to be loved and released within you. Childhood imprinting, social conditioning, ancestral programming and environmental brainwashing have taught you to wrongfully think that life is happening to you, against you in some way. The truth is life is responding to your innermost thoughts, actions and words, always!! You were born as innocent and as pure as love itself, my friend! Return to love, return to wholeness, return to the innocence of the child within. Return to lightness, joy and playfulness and raw creativity. Withdraw back from physically dabbling in the chaotic madness/illusion thats going on 'out there! Observe your uncomfortable

emotional triggers, whether that's fear, anger or sadness etc, go within, FEEL, FEEL, FEEL it and allow the stagnant energy to move freely, back to source, back to love.... This is your road map to freedom. Freedom is a hare's breath away and the route back home is through your heart (your inner child). It will be challenging at times but it's the only way... Rise above what you are currently perceiving to be real, life threatening and suffocatingly unfair. Your saving grace is your own sacred space within, within the confines of your own beating heart (the inner child). Your life giving breath is your liquid gold. The breath is your life sustenance and cannot be controlled by another, EVER!! TAKE YOUR POWER BACK , reconnect back into your body and tend to the vessel you stand in, not what’s going on outside of

you. Nourish your body, mind and heart (inner child) with kindness, gentleness, stillness and the unconditional acceptance of what each and every present moment holds for you. Allow your inner world to be your focus! This present moment as you read these words is precious. There is no time, only the breath you take in this moment. Let go of the past, retract from the future and breathe fully present in this moment, in this here and now. Why? because the sacred soul is housed within the human vessel. The sanctity of the sacred soul can never be touched, named, controlled or desecrated. The soul is pure and speaks not of words but through conscious feeling and conscious breath. Tend to your own garden first! Don’t waste your precious energy focusing on what other people are doing or not doing. You are responsible for the quality of YOUR life experiences. Make peace with your inner child and then you will see with the true eyes of purity, innocence and gratitude and this will transform the experience of all of what life presents to you. Then life will respond back to you in an array of beautifully timed sycronicities and magical happenings. Life will become a pleasure to behold. If you are at war on the inside then each experience you enter will be a war zone on some level. When your heart (inner child)

is at peace then peaceful, free-flowing experiences will follow you wherever you go. Be brave, courageous and resilient in claiming back your innermost power, the sweetness, innocence, purity, serenity and joy of your sacred heart (the child within). This is your power house. ‘Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” - where is the ‘kingdom of heaven? It’s not a place in the sky, it’s within you! - it's your heart - it's your inner child. In this space only love exists and with this, love in all its forms is reflected back to you in and with every breath you take. In bowing in sublime reverence to life, life responds in sublime reverence to you’

May divine grace be your guiding light


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