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A Christmas & New Year Blessing. A gift to you, your friends & your precious families

May your road be lit with the brightest of stars

May your road be soft and gentle

May your heart’s desire be heard and held

And bring you blessings tender

May your eyes see only magic

May the Christ Child in you stay small

May all you ever wished for

Be yours for evermore

In the midst of doubt and fear

May trust be at your heel

May God grant you strength to see

The truth in all you feel

May joy be ever present

May joy grace each day

May many joy filled moments be

The tune that lights your way

May honesty be yours to own

May friendships hold you dear

May laughter grace your darkened hours

When loved ones gather near

May every sunrise greet you, with gratitude and grace

May every setting Sun, embrace you face to face

May every present moment hold, the longing just to be

Content and present with yourself and clear for all to see

May each and every morning, bring blessings from above

May every day hereafter, be filled with so much love

May all of your endeavours, be clear in you knowing

That every day throughout the year, it's love that keeps us flowing

May year on year hereafter, reveal its hidden treasure

May every purpose lived, be laden with sheer pleasure

May every heart who seeks, with heartfelt love to share

Be shown the love they are, and blessed with those who care

May God and his Angels, be ever by your side

In every waking moment, stand back and let them guide

May every prayer you offer, in reverence to your call

Be sent right back on Angel’s wings, for the highest good of all.

Wishing you all the happiest of Christmas’s and the most joyous & love filled New Year '21

Lve, Lve, Lve


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