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Another timeless gem from Rumi

'If you want to learn theory, talk with theoreticians. That way is oral.

When you learn a craft, practise it. That learning comes through the hands.

If you want dervish-hood, spiritual poverty and emptiness, you must be friends with a sheikh.

Talking about it, reading books, and doing practices do not help.

Soul receives from soul that knowing.

The mystery of spiritual emptiness might be living in a pilgrim's heart, but the knowing of it might not yet be his.

Wait for illuminating openness, as though your chest was filling with light.

Do not look for it outside yourself.

There is a milk fountain inside of you.

Do not walk around with an empty bucket.

You have a channel into the ocean, yet you ask for water from a little pond.

Beg for the love-expansion.

The Qur'an says,

And He is with you'

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