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Awaken Into Freedom

When you awaken freedom within you, significant changes will begin to happen in every area of your life. Powerful, lasting and significant changes that will allow your life to flow with more ease and grace. You will begin to awaken the magic, wildness, spontaneity, frivolity and 'no-time'

perfection of the the human spirit..... Are you ready?

Stepping into freedom may mean you become unrecognisable, a transparent transfiguration of who you used to be. It may mean that you become the best and most productive version of yourself in this current lifetime. It may mean that you move out of your 'security blanket' set of circumstances into the great unknown of magic, miracles and conscious manifestations. It may mean reaching for the brightest star in the night sky and just like 'The Magi' trusting and choosing to follow it! It may mean breaking free of every limitation and restriction you ever placed upon myself. It may mean choosing to know longer play small so that those around me feel less threatened by your new found confidence, courage and radiance. It may mean that you uncover talents, abilities and strengths that you never knew you had. It may mean acknowledging that you are a natural creative being whose gifts and talents have never seen the light of day. It may mean you leave behind everything in your life that is stagnant, stale, motionless and passionless. It may mean you step on to pastures green, embracing the potential of a brand new you as well as new friendships etc that better reflect who you've now become. It may mean you chose to have a relationship with yourself first and foremost. It may mean you spend some quality time alone after many years of 'needing' to have a significant other. It may mean following your heart even if realistically it makes no sense to those around you. It may mean paying no heed to the naysayers who, from their own place of limitation feel threatened and back away from supporting your efforts to move beyond the sense of separation that has kept you disempowered for so long. It may mean your inner confidence grows. It may mean your self esteem grows. It may mean your self worth grows. It may mean you take your power back from those you fearfully gave your power away to in the first place because you looked outside of yourself for gratification, approval and love. It may mean you don't settle for behaviours that are less than respectful and honourable of you. It may mean you don't settle for less than you now believe you are now worth. It may mean you raise the bar in the 'what you tolerate' scale of things and say no with compassion and love for yourself and another. It may mean you say no when your body tells you no as opposed to saying yes to please. It may mean you say yes to only that which makes your heart joyfully sing. It may mean you leave behind neediness and co-dependency because you now know that YOU are all that you will ever need. You become one whole coin inside yourself instead of two halves of the same coin shared with another. It may mean you look within yourself for the answer to every question. It may mean you become your own guru because intuitively you know the best and right path for you to take. It may mean you love yourself unconditionally without judgement and know that others will reflect this back to you. It may mean you're living fully in the present moment surrendering yesterday's regrets and releasing tomorrow's dreams hopes, goals and aspirations knowing that you have the tools within you to bring all of what you need and more into your reality. It may mean you travel lighter after shedding the emotional baggage you suppressed. The heavy 'backpack' of shame, guilt, anger, fear, powerlessness, frustration, inadequacies, lack, insecurities etc. You own it all your 'stuff' now knowing it was never about anybody else. It may mean that you are no longer controlled or influenced by anyone or any circumstance outside of yourself. It may mean you choose the company you keep very carefully in respect and honour of the divine spirit that is you. It may mean that you are tapped in, tuned in and turned on to the universal flow of light, love and oneness. It may mean that you are free on the inside and your life is beginning to reflect freedom back to you from every angle on the outside. It may mean your life begins to flow effortlessly with more ease, grace

Do you know how powerful you are?

Once the caterpillar has left the chrysalis there is no going back.

Lve Lve Lve Sinead

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