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Crystalline Clearing of The Sacred Heart

I stand alone in the crystal clearing waters of everything-ness yet nothingness for it is a journey of reaching within, I reach within daily for sacred balance, yearning to feel it consistently beyond the confines of all human doubt, fear and uncertainty. It is my saving grace.

Here in my heart space, unlike anywhere else, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain in a sea scape of flow, fluidity and change.

Here, in my heart space, I am everything that is, a surrendered empty vessel in an ocean of knowingness and knowing-less. It is of no consequence what confusion the mind holds for it is the musical sonnet of the heart that holds the key to freedom.

These are concepts of which the mind has little or no understanding. Only the heart knows of these places where God and I merge to the point of no return, to the zero point of existence.

Once trapped by unhealthful fear patterns, I now wander somewhat free wading the deep, calm and nurturing waters of soul essence.

I continue to release the constrictions and limitations I have placed upon myself and choose instead to gather momentous flow in the crystal clearing waters of life itself. I now know my life is a gift. All life is a gift.

I now know I was caged by my own fear in a world of restrictive and self destructive albeit captivating behaviours. I catch myself peering at my reflection in the scrutinising mirror of truth. I began to unravel, unwrap and lay bare the shadows, unmentioned and unknown to me.

Captivated by the witness of what I see in the recalled memory lens scanning my life experiences, I recognise, remember and return to the ancient but innocent everlasting eternal soul essence of my being, my child self, my heart space where none but truth resides.

She is the one, my chid self, who calls me to kneel at her beloved feet, she is my reflected self, my heart space. She has been calling to me throughout my life, in times of distress and in times of inner turmoil. In my unconscious, fear based state I could not hear her loving, gentle and gracious voice. She was arduously calling me back to stillness, back to wholeness and back to reverence of my sacred self, my sacred life. I am she and she is of me. We are aspects of one life,

Now, I am tentatively listening and I hear her calling to me. I feel her stirring as she reveals more and more of her innocence, her joy, her playfulness and her lightness.

Each day builds upon the next, our intention is freedom, body, mind and heart…..

May grace take each step with me…..

Much Love

Sinead x

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