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Feeling is Healing

The unintegrated parts of myself I am recognising, acknowledging and FEELing without judgement, they return to me as love. Everything has love at its core, everything returns from hence it came. My interactions with others and every uncomfortable experiences in my life is my child self teaching me, urging me, encouraging me to me to be unconditionally and lovingly observant of the pained, shadow parts of myself, the thoughts unvoiced and the wounds unfelt. I recognise that it was never about what's outside of myself, my circumstances... To FEEL is to heal. At our deepest core, all we truly seek is to give and receive love without conditions. To be unconditionally loved by another in a conditional world (unless his/her emotional body is integrated) is a rare gem so be kind to yourself. Chasing love outside of yourself is a futile act. The silver lining is to be unconditionally loving and accepting of yourself first, that's your utmost responsibility. How you are with yourself is then reflected back to you via your daily experiences with others. You are who you've have been looking for. The holding of yourself with compassion and careful nurturing is all the is required. Then, and only then, can you hold and carefully nurture others without conditions. Every experience is valid. Every encounter has a message. What life places at your feet is an open invitation to embrace, appreciate, and respond unconditionally to what is required in that moment. If it's showing up in your life, it's required. All experiences are valid. The depths of human feeling knows no limits once unplugged... We 'felt everything' as children (emotional body) and then the programming of purely mental thinking (mental body) began on our first day of school. We have forgotten how to feel without thinking... Feeling and appreciating each small unfolding moment will take you deeper and deeper still into feeling and appreciating all things, present in each moment. Lovingly feel the Autumn sun on your face, it is softly sublime in its simplicity. Lovingly listen to the sound of crisp leaves under your feet, it is a delectable delight for the ears. Lovingly smell the fragrance of nature after a nights heaven rain, it is an opulent aroma that feeds the soul. Lovingly notice the feel of ripe Autumn fruits in your mouth, it is a tantalising treat for the taste buds. Loving feel the touch of soft warm natural fabrics on your skin, it is the sensual caress of Angels wings.. Use your senses to FEEL everything, it is your heart that wishes to speak and express now... The planet is exiting the mental realm and entering into her feeling body, this is where she will heal, realign, rebalance and alchemise on every level, so too do we, as aspects of her... We are entering the new Age of Aquarius, only accessible via the feeling heart. Makes sense, aqua/water/emotional. It is the dawning of the new day, a new world, a new time of witnessing... Freedom, Flight and FEELING ALL and everything, engaging all of the divine senses...

Are you ready?

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