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Is your intuitive nudges and synchronistic happenings increasing in frequency? Feeling like everything is connected to everything else, and can't be explained or understood by the mind?

This is confirmation of your alignment with your higher self and the quantum field. The field of everything-ness & nothingness, the field of pure creative potential. We are all connected to it and can tap into at any time.

These magical intuitive happenings that you are experiencing more frequently, if you listen and

follow them closely, are the golden threads that will allow you to navigate and rise above the chaotic events of the next few months. It is your vibrational lifeline, your innate internal Sat Nav that will assist you in flowing more easily through the planetary fear rather than finding yourself absorbed by it....

There only ever two paths - Fear or Freedom/love ...

This is the year of higher voices & higher choices, what will you choose?



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