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The drama that's unfolding '

out there' in the world creates nothing but confusion, fear and and unending cycle of uncertainty and despondency. Your saving grace is your inner world!

One day I let go of everything outside of myself,

I let go of everything I thought I had to be,

Everything I thought I was,

Everything that everyone wanted me to be,

I let go go of doing and practised being,

I let go of trying and practised knowing,

I let go of pleasing and practised loving,

I let go of wanting and practised gratitude,

I let go of chasing and practised stillness,

I let go of worry and practised trust,

I let go of what I thought I owned and practised detachment,

I let go of recognition and practised oneness,

I let go of separation and practised wholeness,

I let go of dis-ease and practised flow,

I let go of conflict and practised forgiveness,

I let go of limitation and practised endless possibilities,

I let go of lack and practised flow,

I let go of pretending and practised truth,

I let go on the outside and turned within,

One day I let go of all of the outside world.....

It was there I found peace.

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