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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

“Love is an iridescent Rose. An effervescent unfolding of loveliness and divinity freely captured. The elixir of sweetness delicately wrapped up in the furls of unending and everlasting ecstasy of which heavens are made and skies are painted. Low and behold the captivating splendour of such things never fully seen by the naked eye but yet the heart succumbs with reverence and in deep honouring at the feet of the divine magician’s master plan. Tis indeed mind over matter whereby the curious mind must step aside in order for the preciousness of love in all its wonderment to rise up from the taverns of buried treasure. Once exposed the radiant raptures of Love permeates and lubricates

the remnants of withered branches and those hearts starved and in much need of love. Love in all its glory shall awaken the hearts, minds and souls of many hereafter because it is time. This day has been long prophesied amongst the books of old and has laid dormant until the mighty hand of love can be contained no longer. For you see my child each of you have in your possession a key and this key has the power to lubricate and unlock the rustiest and most stubborn of heart locks. The key is made of love, created by Love and emanates Love from its very core. All of you are love. The key you hold is universal and will be used according to Divine will if you allow it. I will guide all of your endeavours if you so wish...

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