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My Daily Practise

I'll never get tired of this sweet little image and it has been my practise each day for some time...

Fill yourself up with love and gratitude and childlike trust each day, feeling it as strong as you can in your heart centre. If you find that difficult, just think of a person that you love deeply and that will generate the feeling of love for you. Stay with this feeling making it even stronger if you can. Then

visualise the Earth, the globe and see yourself wrapping your arms around it, loving it with all of your being, just because you can...

The energy of love knows precisely where it needs to go, it is God in action after all, the energy of love just needs your strong intention.

It is a powerful daily practise and your love will touch human hearts on every level, everywhere!

Also in giving freely of your love you are receiving 100 fold back...

Sending all of you a virtual love hug ...


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