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My heartfelt intentions on 27th December 2016.....I am beginning to live and feel all of this now..

The majestic feminine holds the heart and courage of a lion and the gentleness and playfulness of a kitten. She shows no sign of weakness but admits when she is overwhelmingly and emotionally drained and takes appropriate measures to regroup, recharge and retreat.

She makes no excuses for where she stands, where she has come from or where she has been and has no regrets with regards her experiences and has no hindrance towards those she encountered in her past. She now knows that her lack of self love played the perfect part in allowing individuals to behave and act in less than respectful ways. With these experiences she learned life long

lessons. The behaviour of others towards her was a brutally honest reflection of what she felt about herself on the inside.

Forgiveness is a tough concept but it has earned her friendship and trust. It is the only way forward. She sees only love and love is the lens she chooses to look through. Her rose-tinted glasses is reflected back to her daily and this warms her heart.

A 20/20 vision love that transcends words and sees right to the core, and right to the heart of the reason why an experience will continue to repeat itself until she has learned the valuable lesson that lies within all that she encounters.

She is brave in the midst of adversity and she is humble enough to access guidance and direction from the higher space within her. Prayer is her mantra when she is faced with decision making and important choices.

The masculine aspects of her encourages necessary action, timed and placed and she knows she is perfectly equipped to face any challenge and needs no one outside of herself although she may choose to share herself with those loved ones who reflect her awakened masculine/feminine balance.

New paradigm relationships is her goal, free from needing another and free to love unconditionally without expectation or judgement. She is aware that this is work in progress but the prospect of this becoming her reality excites her immensely.

The majestic feminine will remain steadfast in her willingness to learn. She is learning how to honour the sacred masculine and sacred feminine within her and allowing each Godly aspect of her to be cherished and received accordingly.

She knows that this too is work in progress......



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