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Nature - The Teacher

Nature is a wonderful teacher. Lots of snails on the foot path after last nights rain. There was so many I had to be careful not to step on them while I was out walking this morning ... and for the first time, the spiral shell of the snail caught my eye... I asked nature, 'whats the wisdom in what I was observing? ...when my eyes are drawn to something, there is always wisdom and lessons.

The snail carries its home on its back ... attached to nothing and able to make its home anywhere. It has everything it needs within itself. And the spiral on its shell as it curves inwards towards its heart is the lesson that nature was teaching me this morning... I have everything I need within myself. My home is always where my heart is because when my heart is my priority and focus, then I am centred, fully present and peaceful. To consistently listen to my heart speak each time is like a 'home coming' for me ...coming home to my own precious heart. When my heart speaks, I listen.... I have spent most of my adult life fixated on various material things, goals and people ....which to me now, have little or no importance. Forever giving my power away..... endless, senseless distractions on my journey home.... Ironically, the freedom I so desperately craved all my life was slowly drowning in a sea of attachments, accumulating stuff that society says you must have or accomplish to be seen and acknowledged ....expressions of myself in the world that were neither authentic nor real.... My authenticity is my heart centre....nothing outside of me matters, it's what's inside that counts.. How free am I on the inside? How free am I emotionally? If all of what I've accumulated was taken away... Who am I? I crave to come home everyday to my heart centre be present to life, to show up everyday with a child like wonder and awe.... to flow free like the sea..... holding nothing, seeking nothing but myself .... The spiral of the heart is a journey with no destination .... a continuous journey of exploration....a new adventure each day.... letting go, letting flow happen... being fully present with myself ... inviting all emotional states .... no judgement ... no stories.... just allowing it all... The heart knows best, it is a truthful teacher and just like the snail it goes with me everywhere... My heart is where I go when I need shelter from the storms of's where I go where when I need stillness.... it's where I go when I need's where I go when I don't know the answers....

Come home to your heart....

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