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Rebirth in Times of Challenge

We are experiencing rebirth in the eye of the storm, individually and collectively. The babe in the womb is birthing herself, himself, ourselves. Mother Earth is rebirthing for we are all one in the same. All lit by the same candle and fed by the same hand. Stay centred and witness the perfection.

Breathe in white light through your crown chakra at the top of your head

and allow it to infuse every cell of your body with quantum light particles. Allow all of your body to become infused and suspended in a cocoon of light spheres. Feel the pulsing in your hands as you do this, the electromagnetic field of magnificence that you are. Seeing only the workings of physical body has kept you limited in your life experience. Stretch beyond the physical to your multi dimensional self that feels no storm, upheaval, inconvenience or fearful thoughts or incoming threat. No, you are much more resilient than that don’t you see, you have rebirthed many times over, adapted and adjusted to all of the many changes life has asked of you, why would now be any different.

Hold steadfast upon the knowledge that all is happening as it is for good reason and that the reassuring hand of divine grace is readily available to all who ask. Regain your composure and do not resist what is happening within, for the chaotic and disabling fear that you witness on the outside is the fear that festers inside of humanity. This must be cleansed and purified but first it must be seen and felt so that you can learn to rise above it.

Humanity is witnessed and watched over by multitudes of light beings who stand readily available to assist like a divine army called to the front lines. This divine army of light surrounds all of humanity with a sphere of light in the figure of 8. Infinity knows no boundaries, no endings, no beginnings, it is eternal and absolute. The frequency of 8 is also a coming together of divine and perfect will and the self/free will. It is the beautiful blending of the higher aspects of ourselves and the human aspects of ourselves aligning to stand steadfast in the knowledge of our true authentic power and divine sovereignty.

All you need is within you, never without. That is the Rebirthing! It is Remembrance! Each one of you will take your rightful place as a supreme being of light, love and oneness. Once this knowledge is learned, infiltrated and integrated, the free will of human kind will gracefully merge with the divine will of God and take great leaps forward in truth, integrity, surrendered acceptance, purposeful power, colourful expression, passionate action and selfless service to others.

Gratefully welcome the eye of the storm for a new humanity is imminent.

Much Love


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