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'Seek first the kingdom....and all else will be added.....'

Hearing these words growing up, I had no concept of what they meant but now when I see or hear these words, the absolute profound truth and energy within the words sends waves of vibration and resonance through my body.... Jesus spoke in metaphor.....a language that the literal mind can't fathom but the the universal heart knows. Metaphor is the language of the heart and soul.

'The kingdom' your inner sacred sanctuary ....the space wrapped up in stillness inside of you where you can fully access the Divine/God.... a safe place where you can surrender the self and graciously merge with your divinity and all parts of your eternal soul.... a place within that no-one can access but you, no can touch but you..... do you desire this connection with your heart and soul? ...

'Seek first the kingdom' .....consider making the connection with yourself and God your first and only priority.... WHY? .... because all else derives and is created from that still point of absolute love and presence....

'All else will be added' ..... abundance in all its gracious forms will begin to flow to you with little or no effort .....increased clarity, heightened intuition, crystal clear direction, self awareness etc..... if and when you connect first and foremost with your inner divine light, all that is not in resonance with that frequency of love will be presented to you or 'triggered' in you to feel, release and return to divine flow......your physical vessel, your life, your body becomes a conduit of divine power and purpose .....each day loving showing you how to flow more easily and more effortlessly...... bringing you more beautiful love filled experiences each day... Carve out the time and space for yourself and fill yourself up with divine love as your life begins to mirror the choice you have made....when you seek love within .... you will see love everywhere....when you seek God within ... you will see God everywhere and in everyone.... It is a self will choice to begin with and then it become God's will in action....

Lve Lve Lve


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