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She Surrenders

She surrenders all that has lead up to the ending of this year of 2020 and found acceptance, peace, contentment and a knowing that all is well. All is very well indeed despite what her reality

looks like. Her needs, her desires, her expectations, her dreams.... they are all in a safe place


She knows that Divine manifestation in Divine timing will allow all things to come to fruition for her in a perfect way! From a humble place she honours her place in the overall scheme of things because she knows that she is the infinite piece of the jigsaw. She is her own Divine Masterpiece! She owns her place with the knowing that she is an integral component in the grander scheme of things unfolding. She believes she is just as vitally important as the other pieces in this awesome unfolding Universal Masterpiece of 2020 and beyond.... She finds solace in the remembering of who she was, who she is and who she is becoming! She is embracing and honouring all of her emotions from a place of gentleness, softness, patience, acceptance and love. She is loving all of her in a new way....

Love Sinead

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