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Simple Steps To Connect With Your Guides

'Tell them that we are a team of guides always ready to help those who ask for our support and assistance’

These are the words that have been floating around in my head throughout the night with a strong intuitive nudge to share all of this with you..

Everyone, without exception, has a team of spiritual guides that are ready and only too willing to help and support ALL of humanity at this time of awakening, reset & rebirth.

Your Team of Spiritual Guides- Your higher Self/Soul , Angels & Highly Evolved Ascended Masters, Star Beings etc will help you develop and strengthen your intuition so that your decisions and choices are of the highest frequency and Divine alignment going forward.

As the world becomes temporarily chaotic, you have 2 choices /2 roads. The path of fear or the path of freedom.

Fear is disabling,

Freedom is enabling.

Your intuition (which is a natural gift in every human being) sits centre stage on the path of freedom. I know what my choice is....

Here are my 4 simple steps to help you connect and communicate with your Team of Guides thus developing a strong connection with your own empowering intuition.

Four Simple Steps

1. BREATHE - Get fully and consciously into your body with your breath. Or visualise a column of light running from above your head through the centre of your body into the Earth. Do this as often as you remember each day.

(Fear takes you out of your body! Remember energy goes where thought flows}.

GET BACK IN, it’s the safest place to be.

2. OPEN - Consciously & with intent open your crown chakra (at the top of your head). It only takes a thought, see the top of your head opening like a lotus flower.

As you practise this you will feel the top of your head tingle as you connect with the light intensity resonating with your own divine humanness. (You can intend to have your crown chakra open at all times and know that you are fully protected).

OPEN THE CHANNEL - you are safe.

3. CONNECT - Invite your Team of guides in, you don't need to know who they are, you can call them by name if you wish - Angels, Jesus, Mother Mary, St German, Star Family etc....(We have free will so there needs to be an 'welcome in', a conscious invite to connect)

I WISH TO CONNECT WITH ALL OF MY GUIDES - feel the outpouring of love that is returned

4. ASK - Ask for support and direction throughout your day. (if you feel yourself spiralling into fear, connect back in}

KEEP YOUR CONNECTION OPEN - see and feel the magic happen!

You will find that it gets easier to see and follow your intuitive guidance and to see how you are ALWAYS connected to your team of spiritual guides and ALL of creation around you, Why? ....simply because THERE IS NO SEPARATION

Love Love Love

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