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The Air Balloon

The image of an air balloon had been floating around in my consciousness since yesterday. Although I've spoken about the analogy of the air balloon to people many times over the years - I felt this was an understanding on a very new and much deeper level so it's taken until now for me to fully digest the wisdom of it and put it into words...

This is my truth, it may not be yours, take the golden nuggets and disregard the rest...

Firstly, you are the air balloon. The image I was given was of the stationary air balloon with lots of sandbags tied with rope all around the basket underneath. These sandbags were keeping the air balloon stagnant, motionless and not engaging in what it was naturally created to do.

The sandbags are unhealthy attachments. Attachments, of any nature, are fear based, dis-empowering states where we feel that if we don't have this person, place, thing etc in our lives we would surely 'die' so to speak. It is unhealthy attachments, addictions or 'needings' if you wish, related to everything outside of ourselves, everything that keeps our sacred soul in a state of limbo....

What is happening now in this fast and rapid transformational and accelerated time, is that many of us are becoming aware and are being intuitively nudged to begin to cut the ropes of the sandbags so that we can lift freely into higher and higher states of consciousness, into our natural state of freedom and oneness

Remember the epic quote by Rumi

'Out beyond the idea of wrong doing and right doing there is a field, I'll meet you there'

To 'fly free' and to emerge into the totality of itself (the quantum field) is the air balloons natural state, it is our natural state and the state from which we first came.

It is our natural state to be free- flowing with no attachments to anything outside of ourselves. No agendas, no hanging on to outcomes other than what spirit guides us to do through our intuition in each NOW moment.

We are the totality of everything in the holographic sphere of our existence. Everything outside ourselves is a reflection.... when we begin to cut the ropes of our sand backs, out newly released, free and aligned inner state will be reflected outwardly and life will begin to flow with more ease and grace. Why? Because what is on the outside is always a reflection of what is within..

So how to I begin to do this? well like everything, it is focused inner work.

But if you are reading this post and you feel the resonance of it, this process has already begun for you!! The process of first recognising unhealthy attachments and then consciously intending to release them, however that may unfold fold for you, will happen organically and naturally.

If you find a reflection here, take this learning into your consciousness/your heart space and let it percolate there! All else will be guided by your intuition and you will know without a shadow of a doubt what you have to do....

Love Love Love


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