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The Child Within

I had a dream in the early morning hours of the child birthing the child. I knew I was all of it, we are all of it. We are the child birthing, the child being re-birthed and the representation of the mother figure and the fa

ther figure of the child. All are aspects of me and you. I am, you are, all of all your experiences, there is no separation.

Then I heard these words for all...

"You are emerging into freedom, you are rebirthing your inner child, you are freeing your heart. The heart is the inner child.

Your inner child/heart is the God within. The inner child/heart embodies all what what God means, what God is and the totality of what God stands for. God is a vibrational state of being. God is the vibrational state of love.

You are the true reflection of love through the eyes of your inner child, through your heart.

Your inner child/heart is the bridge that stands between you and the God embodiment, the vibrational essence of who you really are, your divine, innocent and Go

d centred self. That is the real and true you beneath the personality you have created out of your wounded child parts. When the unconditional loving child is birthed into a conditional world, there is ALWAYS going to be wounding. You chose all of your human experiences to come to this culmination now. Your life is a beautiful divine plan with all of its rapturous unfolding.

The authentic you is emerging, the you without pretence, the you with no restrictions,

the you that has no commitments more important than the commitment you are making to your inner child - to your heart - to the vibrational being that you are at your core.

The pretence is over, the inauthentic behaviour is over. The old persona and body armour is crumbling. Integrity, authenticity and trust is intact and always has been although somewhat muddied over in your forgetfulness of your purity and innocence.

All of what has been and always will be is waiting to be uncovered, remembered, reclaimed and returned to you.

Pandora's box is opening and the real you steps forward into the light of your own radiance. YOU are who you have been waiting for. You are the sum/sun of all things.

Hidden for eons, the treasures of lifetimes are revealed to you like precious gemstones. You are remembering, returning and reclaiming your divine birthright. Your are returning to the innocence of your being.

Let all else fall and allow yourself to become everything and all, embracing the discovery and joy as these treasured gifts are returned to you.

The time has come dearest child of the universe.

Your time has come.

In heartfelt gratitude


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