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The Council of Pleiadian Light Beings

connected with these beautiful beings on Saturday evening during meditation....I’ve had several

meetings with these beings and each one is more and more sublime...more and more breathtaking than the previous....all I feel is pure love cocooned in a sphere of soft pink light....

They asked me to write down what I heard and share’s for all who are ready to look beyond the veil, raise their vibration and listen....

‘This is a time of great expansion with no expectations. You are evolving more quickly now and your intuition and ability to connect with us is getting stronger, clearer and sharper.

We are The High Council of Pleiadian Light Beings overseeing the evolution and expansion of humanity’s consciousness.

We are here to assist and help humanity reclaim its allegiance to the higher heart and the sovereign power that resides in each precious heart centre.

You are more powerful than you know or will ever fully understand but we know and will help you to remember.

Your sovereignty as a precious child of the Creator is unquestionable. Something you have forgotten as aspects of you have been discarded and diminished over time.

It is now time for you to reclaim and call back all fragments of yourself that were disowned and abandoned by you.

This is a precious time for you to reconnect, recover, make whole and complete yourself once more.

You are loved so much ‘

The High Council of Pleiadian Light Beings

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