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The Crumbling Persona

The calcified walls of your former self are cracking open and quickly crumbling to reveal the translucent, crystalline structure of your authentic self - if you so wish it. You are becoming lighter vibrationally, emotionally, physically and mentally as beautifully timed planetary shifts and upgrades rewire your DNA molecular composition. Consequently, this re-coding sends electrical impulses surging through your body, awakening and recharging all of the sacred energy centres - if you so wish it.

The reflection of all heavy, emotional density trapped within the cells will be shown to you via your day-to-day life experiences and interactions with other, via dreams, thoughts or memories. Allowing yourself to be present to it and to 'feel' the suppressed, emotional pain (energy) within the body will allow it to be alchemised via the breath and sacred heart chakra and then expelled from the body via the sacred throat chakra - if you so wish it. All is happening organically, parallel with your Earth Mother, all are one, one energy, one voice, one heart, one centred connection of creation. Your Earth and so to are you, her children, recalibrating and purging your former tough skin, uncovering , unveiling, unmasking your ever lasting radiance and innate rapturous presence There is nothing to do, it is enough just to be and allow - if you so wish it. Follow your intuitive nudges, your synchronistic happenings and timely, free-flowing events for these are your 'breadcrumbs' signalling your own divine alignment and higher frequency. Observe and follow these 'markers' for they will light up the sacred path you have chosen to walk - if you so wish it. It is a fine time to be alive. All is as it should be. All is already given. No need to strive, push or try, only total surrender to what is. For when you cease trying, pushing and striving to make things happen more quickly or cease pushing to control things so they unfold the way you think they should be, ALL of what has already be given to you can be FULLY received and realised by you - if you so wish it. Love Love Love Sinead

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