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The Essence of The Dancing Spring Flowers

Early this morning I was surrounded by the essence of what I can only describe as the presence of 'dancing Spring Flowers' ....pinks...purples...mauves..white with a sprinkling of gold....a rainbow of vibrant colour and delightful energy explosions... I often feel that the essence of nature can only be felt and not spoken so it's taken me a little time to find words for this delightful experience... I asked the essence of flowers for their permission to share this experience with you and their assistance to help me describe what I felt

I sensed that even under the ground in their growing and becoming....they dance in sheer jubilance and anticipation waiting to push through the darkness of the undergrowth to be then seen in all of their radiance and tantalising colour... You see, the flowers, just like us are activated and enlivened by the sacred codes of the sun's light. There is a sacred trusting and a divine agreement given by the creative source that is imbued into all of nature's creations.... a steadfast sacred acknowledgement and intrinsic knowingness that all is well and exactly as it should be.... In the delicateness of their existence I felt an exuberance of life.... I felt their aliveness.... their joy.... their eagerness to shine....a sense of freedom.... a sense of lightness... a sense of childlike fun...and the sheer exquisiteness of their free-flowing movement.... I felt their message to us was that of child like love, openness, wonder, awe, joy and excitement. Often we get caught up in the seriousness of life and it's complexities and we forget to listen to the universal sounds and vibrations that are given abundantly and freely.... I felt also, the 'Dancing Spring Flowers' were showing me that there is a perfect time for 'inward being' where alignment, adjustment and transformations take place ... just like the butterfly in the cocoon.....and then there is a perfect time for emerging into the glorious light of life to be seen in all of our innate, glorious and glowing radiance... each of us unique in our uniqueness.... And even the inner growth periods that are often challenging for us .....a sense of joy, acceptance and deep gratitude for all that is unfolding can make these much needed transitions much easier and less traumatic....

As I write this ... I am in a deep gratitude for all of the gracious experiences that I am being shown.... for all the profound messages and understandings that life is sharing with me... life truths that are woven into the fabric of the 'simple' things around us..

In the sweetness of simplicity... the profound can be found....

Wishing you all a very beautiful day...


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