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The Rose of Love

The Radiant Rose of the heart centre/heart chakra is the epicentre of love.

This sacred temple of radiant and rapturous love is YOU.

Try this simple exercise that I use often to cultivate love and gratitude in my life each day...

Just for a moment, put your awareness in your heart centre (Not your physical heart, just the area in the centre of your chest)

Breathe in as if you are breathing through your heart and out of your heart again.

Now think of someone, something or some place that you truly and deeply love. FEEL the love as you think of this person, thing or place.

When you FEEL the love, (sometimes feels like a warm glow) breathe that feeling of love into your heart centre and out again.

Observe how your heart centre seems to expand with love as you breathe in. Stay there for a few more breaths breathing the feeling of love in and out of your heart centre.

Now breathe love in again and on the out-breath this time send that love feeling into your physical body. Begin to send this love to yourself. Begin to love and appreciate yourself.

Continue this for as long as you wish and as often as you wish....

As you begin to truly love the self, a magical universal flow begins and you'll find a beautiful alignment happens...

Commit to yourself each day to do this little exercise and you will begin to create more beautiful and more abundant life experiences for yourself...



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