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The World is Your Oyster

The world is your oyster if you recognises the endless possibilities your life holds. Your story, often never spoken... the longing and urgency to transcend the limitations of who you thought you were, who you believe you are and who and what you seek to become.

You find yourself in fleeting moments of blissful oneness with all that is and in these moments a sweet elixir of pure love flows effortless within you. You are truly home in moments like these.

To capture and retain these moments is like trying to catch the white whispy seeds of a dandelion head. This is truly who you are without the limitations of your human-ness. Your spiritual essence is the rightful reigning monarch of your existence.

But you know in your heart that you have chosen to be here in this year of 2020. Your purpose is to live your best life, to love all of who you are in this and every moment and then to radiate that love to others. This you have accomplished in many lifetimes gone by. This maybe your last earthly lifetime who knows...

Your numerous earthly lifetimes have been etched on the vaulted ceilings of time. But you must endeavour to love all of your humanness while honouring the ancient soul that you are so that you may transcend, to be in this world but not of it...

You are learning acceptance of your timelessness and eternalness while existing in the mortality of your earthly body.

You are learning that the door to the birdcage has always been open and your feelings and experiences of fear and aloneness has been of your own making..

Freedom has always been yours although spending time as a flightless bird was needed before you learned you could fly...

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