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Rahanni Celestial Healing
'of one heart' - there is no separation

Level 1 - Practitioner

Level 2 - Teacher

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rose rahanni_edited.jpg

On the day…..


You will receive


A Rahanni Attunement

A Rahanni Certificate

A Rahanni Support Manual


You will learn about


History of Rahanni

What is Rahanni?

How does Rahanni heal?

The Three minds and Four Bodies

The Rahanni Principles

The Six Pointed Star

The 51 Pink Celestial Angels

The Goddess Kwan Yin

Lord Melchizedek

The channelled message for Melchizedek

The Archangels

The history of the Gold and Silver Violet Flame

Psychic Protection

Creating a Sacred Healing Space

The 12 Chakras

How to give a Rahanni Treatment

Rahanni and Children

Rahanni with animals and plants


Code of Practise

Sunday 2nd October


Wholegreen Wellnes

Church Lane




Energy Exchange  - £155

Deposit £55

On the day …..


You will receive


Rahanni Attunement

Rahanni Certificate

Rahanni Support Manual


You will learn about




The Pleiades

Teaching Rahanni Level 1

What to cover

Outline of the day for Rahanni Level 1

Visualisations to meet your Rahanni Celestial Guide

Rahanni Celestial Symbols for Level 1

How to conduct a level 1 attunement

Teaching Rahanni Level 2

What to cover

Star Grid Opening

Rahanni Celestial Symbols for Level 2

How to conduct a Level 2 attunement

Codes of Etics


Thursday 18th August


My Home

5 Lampton Court



Energy Exchange £255.55

Deposit £85.55

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