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Reiki level 2 - Going Deeper


This Usui Reiki Level 2 Practitioner Workshop is for anyone who has completed Usui Reiki Level 1 and feels that they are now ready to embark on the next level of their Transformational Divine Energy (Reiki) Journey!

On the day....

Students will look at applying the principles of Reiki to daily life and the importance of these principles at Level 2

Students will receive a Second Level Attunemnent which allows more intense levels of light to flood into the system

Students will be introduced to three sacred geometry symbols. These are visual aids that allow the student to empower the Reiki energy learned and channeled.

Students will learn various methods of distance healing and how to use them

Students will also learn how to use a pendulum for personal guidance and for use in scanning/dowsing a clients body for possible blockages prior to a Reiki Treatment.

Students will be advised on Public Liability Insurance & the benefits of becoming a member of The Reiki Federation UK....


Students will be presented with;

⭐️An illustrated manual for
     home use
⭐️An authentic Usui Reiki Level 2     
     (Practitioner) Certificate
⭐️ A pendulum
⭐️ A Clear Quartz Crystal
⭐️ + refreshments on the day

Students will need;

⭐️ A medium sized teddy bear
⭐️ A photograph of yourself and photographs of people you may wish to send Reiki to



Cost £155 (£35 deposit)


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