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Reiki level 3 - Exploring Self Mastery

If you feel this workshop is for you, you are about to embark on an amazing journey to higher and higher energies and the continued refinement of your soul on the path of self mastery.
This Reiki Master Level workshop will allow you to take huge step on your spiritual journey into a whole new way of being.

At Master Level you will deepen your understanding of 2nd level symbols. Master Level further enhances your Reiki practice by offering you new tools and new methods of working with this Divine, healing energy!

**Students must be Level 1 & level 2 attuned before embarking on this Master Level. Bring your certificates on the day if you have not been attuned by me**

On the day you will receive;

⭐️ Level 3 illustrated Master Manual

⭐️ Level 3 Master Attunement

⭐️ Level 3 authentic Master Ucertificate

⭐️ 1 magical crystal wand

⭐️ 6 small crystal points

⭐️ 1 medium crystal point

⭐️ 1 crystal pyramid


The Day includes....

⭐️ Master Level Meditations

⭐️ Introduction to the Usui Master symbol and how to use it

⭐️ Tibetan Symbols and how to
use them

⭐️The story of The Grace symbol

⭐️ A 'Bridge of Souls' Master Level hand position for Practioners.
⭐️ Harmonising Chakras

⭐️ Creating and using a Reiki grid for distant healing, empowering of goals and manifestations

⭐️ Advanced meditations & visualisations
Introduction to Psychic Surgery


Cost £222  (£55 Deposit)

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