Rahanni Celestial Healing

"Of One Heart" - There is no separation

Rahanni is a very high frequency energy that has been given to earth as a new healing modality for the new age.

Welcome to the realm of Lemuria. If you are guided to avail of a 'Beyond Lemuria' Intuitive Reading, you will see a reflection of yourself and feel a resonance of yourself within me. Together, we will create a magical space of possibilities.

Are you ready?

Reiki is a powerful tool for healing your mind body and spirit to acheive wholeness harmony and a sense of purpose

Distant Healing

Healing is a sacred covenant between you and the Divine Creator (God). I am but a humble channel for this sacred Divine healing.

Just know that we are never alone. There are many Angelic & Ascended Beings ready and willing to assist us when we ask and then open our heart and receive.

Come join me and let’s celebrate the free-flowing, fun-loving and joy-filled presence of your inner child.
Relax, surrender, receive and gift yourself a whole day