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Rahanni Celestial Healing

"Of One Heart" - There is no separation

Rahanni is a very high frequency energy that has been given to earth as a new healing modality for the new age.

(Donation Based)

Intuitive guidance ireceived via my team of Ascended Masters & Angelic Beings and the clients team of Beings too for the highest good of everyone involved and always focused on the growth and spiritual advancement of the client. How it all works and the accuracy of the guidance received each time cannot be understood by the just works.....

"Ask and it shall be given"....'Seek and you shall find"..

Reiki is a powerful tool for healing your mind body and spirit to acheive wholeness harmony and a sense of purpose

Distant Healing

(Donation Based)
Healing is a sacred covenant between you and the Divine Creator (God). I am but a humble channel for this sacred Divine healing.

Just know that we are never alone. There are many Angelic & Ascended Beings ready and willing to assist us when we ask and then open our heart and receive.

Come join me and let’s celebrate the free-flowing, fun-loving and joy-filled presence of your inner child.
Relax, surrender, receive and gift yourself a whole day

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