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Soul Sitting/Intuitive Reading

You are never alone. Powerful guardian angels will provide protection, guidance and reassurance when you ask with a sincere and open heart

Often when clients are drawn to sit with me, they have come to a crossroads in their life or trying to move forward is some area.  Intuitive guidance is then received via my team of Ascended Masters & Angelic Beings and the clients team of Beings too for the highest good of everyone involved and always focused on the growth and spiritual advancement of the client. How it all works and the accuracy of the guidance received each time cannot be understood by the just works.....

"Ask and it shall be given"....'Seek and you shall find"......

Everyone can talk to their Angels...its not some mystical power given to a few individuals but it is true that some people have a stronger ability to communicate with Angelic beings than others.

I will hear the key messages for each client often comes to me via intuitive feelings, voices or visuals...

I've learned over the years to trust what I see, feel and hear....its always perfect and what is said can have a profound effect on the client..There is often healing and re-balancing of both our bodies that happens too....we often don't know what is best for us but our guardian angels do. Angels are always delighted to assist.....


Duration 1hr approx

via Skype, Email or In-Person

I work on a donation basis

If you feel you'd like to make a donation/love offering to support my work, you can do so with the Love Offering button. This allows me to continue to share my work with the collective

Thank you x

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