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What is Rahanni

Rahanni is a very high frequency energy that has been given to earth as a new healing modality for the new Age of Aquarius.

Rahanni comes from the higher dimensions of reality. It is beamed down from Andromeda, Sirius and the Pleiades by 51 Pink Celestial Angels.

Andromeda, Sirius and Pleiades are star systems of advanced civilisations which are homes to many enlightened beings.


Rahanni connects us immediately to Lord Melchizedek and Quan Yin.

It is activated by the Six-Pointed Star and the energy of the Archangels.

Rahanni vibrates on the pink ray which connects you to your heart centre, releasing all fear-based thinking and negativity.

Rahanni opens the heart to one’s natural essence of truth, love and compassion and brings balance to the masculine and feminine energies of those receiving the healing.


This brings peace and healing at the highest level.


The word Rahanni means ‘of one heart’ however this is a simplification of the term. If broken down into Ra and Hanni it gives a deeper understanding of the word.


Ra – the name of the Egyptian Sun God who was thought to be the father of all creation


Hanni – is a Hebrew girl’s name which means favoured grace.

It is now time for Grace of God to return to planet Earth to fulfil a major role in the ascension of the planet and each one of us.

We have the wonderful opportunity to connect with the higher beings of light and love as we collectively help humanity’s consciousness evolve by connecting us to our natural essence of truth, love and compassion

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